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When you initially start your business, hiring a professional in to help you with things can seem like an unnecessary expense. On the contrary, there are certain jobs that can only be done well by those who are well qualified and have experience. This includes accounting and bookkeeping in Northampton and Wellingborough, two very important aspects of your company’s success. This refers to the machine learning programmes which can automatically reconcile and keep track of transactions, including software such as OneUp, Xero, Sage and Intuit.

What are the benefits of bookkeeping?

The bookkeeper is the person who is responsible for keeping an accurate and complete record of the financial transactions of a business. It is, by and large, a mechanical process that does not involve any analysis of the financial transactions, but instead just a recording of the transaction. But most small businesses do not have the time or resources to maintain these records on their own. As such, they often rely on a bookkeeper or automated bookkeeping software to document their transactions and keep their books well maintained. By logging both credit and debits in a double-entry bookkeeping system, you can accurately record your financial information. A business must keep as close an eye on its income as it does on its expenses, which is why every business needs to use double-entry bookkeeping.

  • You can have a face-to-face conversation with an outsourcing firm and discuss your requirements.
  • Hence, the conversation about differences between Accountant and Bookkeeper could not be ended because it’s a huge battlefield.
  • Selecting a candidate is tiring as you need to take interviews, ask questions, compare answers, go through client feedback, and others.
  • The bookkeeper is the person who is responsible for keeping an accurate and complete record of the financial transactions of a business.
  • His teaching style is to deliver in a wide range of formats, including annotation of the course notes; real life examples from his own practice career history and from his experience of training in the classroom.

Bookkeeping tasks such as explaining transactions, recording expenses, producing invoices and running your payroll are greatly helped by the software’s easy-to-use features. FreeAgent is Making Tax Digital compatible, allowing you to file your VAT returns directly to HMRC through the software and remain compliant with the new VAT filing rules. While both activities involve the handling of financial data, bookkeeping relates to how the data is gathered and stored and can be seen as more administrative. As accounting relates to the interpretation of this information for financial forecasting and to inform business decisions, bookkeeping can be considered part of the accounting process. Microbusinesses and sole traders may find it more cost-effective to do their own bookkeeping and give their accountants access to their records.


Although there are no minimum entry requirements it will help if you have GCSEs, especially in maths and English. In your early years as a Bookkeeper you won’t be rolling in cash as the salary isn’t huge. As a general guideline, as a new starter you can expect to earn between £12,000 and £14,000 a year. Most of your time will be spent answering enquiries and processing requests from your desk. Enrol on an Eagle AAT Bookkeeping course via subscription and you can learn at your own pace, in your own way.

What is a bookkeeper vs accountant?

Bookkeepers handle the day-to-day tasks of recording financial transactions, while accountants provide insight and analysis of that data and generate accounting reports.

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